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Sleepworld International combines the highest quality home textiles and innovation to bring fashion and function into homes across Canada with our signature online selection of handmade, decorative cotton pillow covers. These functional feature pieces are renowned for their ability to breathe life into any room while offering soothing support for your back, tight neck, and head. Buy our handmade, decorative cotton pillow covers and spark cultured conversations with your guests about their traditional hand-loomed patterns. Embellish your living room or patio area with their organic, textured designs and spectrum of colours. Add functional art to your bedroom and indulge in the comforting caresses of their rich cotton fibres.

At Sleepworld International, the possibilities are endless!

Our Crowd Favourite Decorative Cotton Pillow Covers


Sleepworld’s Liberty pillow cover is the perfect finishing touch for farm and cottage style living rooms, bedrooms, and outside patio areas. Its textured feel, thick hand-woven cotton, subtle tan-coloured hues, and eye-catching feathered trim create a soft, inviting, and natural feel in your home.


The perfect addition to any boho-inspired home, our Argyle pillow cover offers the best of both worlds. Its soft, subtle hues create a more contemporary look, while its textured fabric and traditional ethnic patterns add the essential cultural elements that every bohemian homeowner dreams of!


Our bright Chunky pillow covers are the splash of colour and minimalism that every contemporary home needs! Renowned for its vibrant, monochromatic colour, this pillow cover acts as a functional piece of modern art.