Cloth Diapers


Gone are the days of diaper rash ravaging your baby’s soft, sensitive skin! Sleepworld International’s signature online selection of 100% organic cotton cloth diapers are purposefully designed to prevent rashes. Sourced from sustainable manufacturer, Cuddles & Cribs, our reusable and absorbent organic cotton cloth diapers offer the ultimate, guilt-free modern convenience for parents, while giving infants the comforting caresses and confidence they need to explore and play all day. Sleepworld’s online range of flat and padded cloth diaper sets offer softness, security, durability, and absorbency, as well as breathability, to ensure uninterrupted playtime and dreams. The best part? Their multi-purpose design provides a range of uses, from burp cloths and beyond!

Why Your Little Cherub Deserves 100% Organic Cotton

It’s Safe

With Sleepworld’s 100% organic Global Organic Textile Standard certified cotton cloth diapers, your little cherub will be hugged by soft, safe, natural fibres. Our 100% organic cotton is grown and processed without synthetic pesticides and harmful chemicals. This makes our cloth diapers perfect for protecting fragile newborn skin from irritating chemicals.

It’s Soft

Our 100% organic cotton cloth diapers are not only safer, but softer for your infant’s supple, sensitive skin. Swathe your little cherub in hand-picked cotton fibres that offer unrivalled comfort, softness, and cooling absorbency to help them stay dry and feel fresh.  

It’s Strong

The hand-picking process of harvesting organic cotton preserves the purity, integrity, and softness of its organic fibres. Without damaging chemicals and machines, you will enjoy the convenience of its exceptional durability, while your little cherub enjoys the comforts of its caress.